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27.02.2009 - Radar TV Show  

Stay tuned on March 4, 18:00, to Radar (TVERS). It's a TV show dedicated to quality music and i'll be there for an interview and a song. Check MySpace.com for all events and details.

23.02.2009 - Live at Brazil  

This is it. My first international live show, March 5, 21:30 at Cult Pub, Porto Alegre/RS. I’ll play many of my greatest songs and some special covers. It will be unplugged and one or two musicians will join me on stage. I’m testing a new approach on unplugged, with voice, guitars, simple percussion instruments and a computer. The price is R$10. Hope you’ll be there.

02.01.2009 - News from Brazil  

Hi everyone. I'd like to wish you all an amazing 2009! I'm back in Brazil for a year and i'm planning to record a new album here. It will be a little bit different, more rock i guess... I'm also producing a new artist here (Xena) and we're recording some of his songs at my home studio. I'll keep you informed.

19.09.2008 - Uauu (New Song, New Video)  

"Uauu", the new song i've recorded at Bunker Studio, last April (POA/RS, Brasil), is mixed and ready to go. Babu and Pipito, from Fantomaticos, have done all the hard mixing work, so thank you guys for your dedication! I've just finished producing a small video with some of those studio sessions and you can watch it at YouTube. Soon i'll post both song and video at myspace. Cheers.

25.04.2008 - Recording at Bunker Studio, Brasil  

I've came to Porto Alegre to spend some weeks and i got the oportunity to record a new song at Bunker Studio. Some guys from Fantomaticos, a great local band, joined me and we are having a great time! Soon i'll post it at myspace. Thanks to Babu, Pipito, Gabriel and André.

22.02.2008 - Jass Carnival Live  

Unplugged at Anobra, Coimbra, Portugal | Friday,22 at 11:00 pm. This is a special gig with songs of my own and some special covers. See you there.

07.02.2008 - New Wallpapers  

"Things" section on this webpage updated. Check out the new wallpapers and Abril home video is now available there for you.   

01.02.2008 - I'm back  

It's been a long time...After my brazilian experience and becoming a father i've returned to Portugal. I'm dedicating my free time to music, so i hope i'll have some good news soon. Until then i wish you all a wonderful 2008.  

24.05.2007 - Video Available  

Abril (home experience) | Room Session | Jass Carnival | Brasil, 2007 | watch this video

09.01.2007 - Happy New Year  

I wish you all a wonderful new year! Lots of love, inspiration, health and dedication...I'm preparing some changes starting at February 2007 (with a website refresh). Later, some new songs, a video and Jass Carnival live at Brasil.  

19.09.2006 - Jass Carnival Worldwide 

I've been spreading my music artwork all over the world...Room Session has already been shipped to Japan, United States, France, Australia, Spain, China and Argentina. Soon it will arrive to other countries. Meanwhile, i'm preparing some live shows in Portugal for the next month. 

02.08.2006 - New photo artwork at Things section 

Check out the new pics here. I'd like to thank Zé, Patrícia, Adriana, Júlia, João and Bruno. Keep in touch...

06.07.2006 - Oldies (with Travis) 

I was checking out some old photos of me and my former band (id Portico) and this is one of my favourites. It was tooked at the Oporto Coliseum in the year of 2000 and we had just finished performing with Travis for the SuperBock SuperRock festival. Uauu, long time no see folks.

29.06.2006 - New Live Photos (D. João) 

I've performed live at D. João Cafe, Coimbra, for the St. John's festival. There was a band playing there and someone asked me to play some songs, so i did it and enjoyed it. I guess the audience either.

14.06.2006 - Blue Lady (Remix) 

I've decided to include my Blue Lady song (from the demo Contos de Saturno) in the new Room Session. I've just finished remixing it and i am going to include also Rios Que Abandonam, with smooth changes. Soon, some songs will be available for download at MySpace.com. It's going to be a scheduled procedure, maybe monthly, so keep in touch.

I have a photo session agended for this week, inspired by the latest months at home producing and recording my songs. I'll post the new photowork here and later it's going to be compiled into a special edition.

02.05.2006 - Room Session 

The new songs are ready. You'll be able to listen to some of them at MySpace.com. This is a complete home project, written, produced and mixed by myself. Feel free to send me your opinion and thoughts (you just have to email me). I'm planning all the photowork with my special Adriana and soon i'll post more news about the album, the gigs and others.

02.05.2006 - Official site has opened

Finally my home at the web, without banners or ads. I'll post here all the information that i consider relevant. As for the music, i'll redirect you to MySpace.com and to PureVolume.com where i have some of my artwork available. This  is because of the limited download traffic i have here. So, this means that this website is about information and image. For the portuguese fans and friends there is also a blog where you can post your comments.

Thank you all for the support and care through the ages. I'll see you soon.













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